We are an industry leader and a European manufacturer of HVAC equipment. We offer innovative solutions that ensure a comfortable working environment.

We observe and follow recommended practices to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection. These pratices concern the use and servicing of HVAC equipment and were developed by the European association REHVA (association of companies dealing with HVAC projects) and the European consultant in the implementation of the new regulations.

Adequate ventilation

It is recommended to maximize the share of fresh air supplied by ventilation devices and to ensure as many air changes/per hour as possible. 

•  The operating time of ventilation systems should be extended to at least 2 hours before the building's opening time and up to 2 hours after its closure. This action increases the likelihood of removing the virus from the premises. 

•  In order to provide as much fresh air as possible, it is advisable to open the dampers as much as possible.  

In rooftop devices, compatible with T-box controllers, the operating parameters of the devices can be easily adjusted. The calendar function allows you to freely program the working time for each day of the week.


Gravity ventilation

Gravity ventilation (opening windows to ventilate the room) increases the efficiency of air exchange and thus supports mechanical ventilation.


Remember to replace the filters regularly to ensure proper air flow into the room. 

Contact the Service Support Department and arrange an operational inspection with filter replacement. You can also order filters with different effectiveness.

Air supply

In the case of devices equipped with the NW air supply module, make sure that the swirl diffuser setting does not cause detrimental air flow between people in the room, as it increases the risk of infection. Similarly, it should be verified whether the settings of diffusers mounted on ventilation ducts do not cause a similar risk.

Co2 sensor

Sensors warn of insufficient ventilation, especially in frequently used rooms. During an epidemic, it is recommended to change the alarm threshold settings to a lower one, so that the ventilation of the building is more intensive.

The T-box controller for Cube automation provides the ability to select the way the device reacts to exceeding the alarm thresholds of CO2 concentration. CO2 detection sensors for Cube devices are available as optional accessories.

Ventilation system

As a result of lockdowns, many ventilation devices were not used even for several months. Legionella bacteria may form on components of the HVAC systems in these situations.

Careful maintenance of ventilation systems is recommended, especially if they have not been used for a long time. Maintenance is aimed at removing residual dirt and bacteria.

Regardless of the maintenance of your HVAC systems, you should always remember to maintain appropriate safety measures, such as: social distancing, disinfecting and covering the mouth and nose. These factors also significantly reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.

Service Support

Our Service Support Department takes care of proper maintenance of devices. A dedicated team of engineers dealing with Cube rooftop units will advise on appropriate service activities in order to maintain the correct operating parameters of the devices.

Inspections of devices

We offer warranty and post-warranty inspections 

  • We control the settings of the operating parameters of the devices, including the ventilation settings. 
  • We replace filters and  offer attractive discounts when replacing filters more often.
  • We configure the CO2 gas detection sensor.
  • We control the tightness of cooling systems.

We are certified by the F-Gaz Technical Inspection Office for entrepreneurs.


Adjusting to the situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we provide an on-line remote monitoring service. That is how we solve most problems safely from a distance. No need to call the service, no unnecessary costs.  Moreover, this remote solution minimizes the need of additional face to face contacts, thus lowering the  risk of infection.

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