Simplicity and Functionality

 When designing the Cube, the designers put special emphasis on creating a device with a compact structure, which will facilitate quick design, mounting, and at the same time ensure all-year-round comfort. This translates into faster investment implementation process, ensuring savings during the investment and later...

  The idea of ​​Rooftop

Rooftop Cube  – devices with a geometrically coherent cube shape. The entire system is placed in one housing.  No other external elements are needed. 

Compact solutions
Universal application
All-year-round comfort

The most common applications

Rooftop Cube is often chosen for various types of medium and large size facilities.

Industrial buildings
Logistics centres
Shopping malls
Public utility buildings

Rooftop Cube vs Tradicional systems

Rooftop Cube
Tradicional systems

  • Ventilation function and built-in heat recovery
  • Compactness - 3-in-1 device
  • No need for additional heat sources and boiler rooms
  • Possibility of ductless and decentralized operation
  • „Plug & Play” system, integrated automation and simple installation

Save with smart solutions

Why install Cube Rooftops and not traditional ventilation devices?

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