Save at the investment stage

Cube rooftops have all the necessary components in one compact housing. This allows you to save space and eliminate the need for additional devices. In the case of Cube’s with an air supply module, duct installation can totally eliminated.

Cube rooftops are suitable for any existing installation. They work with many heat sources such as gas, water, electricity and heat pumps. In the case of a direct medium, such as gas or electricity, it makes it possible to eliminate the boiler room.

No need for boiler room, no duct installation and no additional heat sources ensure investment and operational savings for the client. 

  • Compactness
  • Energy efficiency
  • Savings in investment and operation

Pay less for your bills

Cube units are equipped with high-quality components from reputable manufacturers. 
How does this translate into reduced bills?

For example, high-efficiency heat recovery exchangers that recover energy from used air, combined with automation tailored to the needs of a given facility, reduce costs related to the ventilation of the facility. 

  • Heat energy recovery
  • Individual automation operation

Intuitive operation

Cube rooftops are maintenance-free.  Enjoy full thermal comfort and forget about complicated operating systems. The first configuration is enough and the system will automatically regulate the relevant parameters in the rooms. The devices are additionally equipped with a remote communication module, which is under constant supervision of FLOWAIR service. 

  • Remote monitoring
  • Easy operation

Pro-ecological approach

All FLOWAIR air conditioning, heating and ventilation devices comply with legislative changes and EU directives.


Cube rooftops are designed for complete air treatment. They meet all the ecodesign requirements of EU ventilation systems No. 1253/2014 and EU cooling products No. 2016/2281. They are equipped with quality, branded components with the highest degree of efficiency.

  • Ecoproject
  • ERP 2021

Tailored to your needs 

We are fully flexible - we can adapt the design to the individual needs of the investment. We make structural modifications, select operating parameters, and change device automation settings.

  • Tailored to your needs

Comfort for your employees

The Rooftop Cube precisely regulates and maintains the temperature in the room regardless of the season. This is especially important in production plants, industrial halls and warehouses.

The Rooftop Cube always maintains an adequate supply of fresh air and the filtration system reduces the inflow of contaminants to the building- creating excellent working conditions.  Keep in mind that adequate ventilation directly affects the well-being and work efficiency of employees

  • Fresh air
  • Perfect working conditions indoors

Attractive forms of financing

We can help our clients in obtaining a leasing offer for Cube rooftop units. We are able to get a favorable financial conditions for our clients, thanks to our cooperation with banks. 

  • Financing from 12 to 72 months
  • First payment from 1%
  • Minimum formalities - the offer can be presented even without financial and registration documents
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